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in home patient receiving home care companion services from CHC Services staff

Home Care Services

Home Care Services provide one-on-one care with certified nursing assistants. It is designed to help an individual remain in their home while meeting their everyday needs in a safe and effective manner.

in home patient receiving home  nursing health care services from CHC Services nurse

Home Health Care Services

Home Health Care, which includes physical, occupational and speech therapies, as well as nursing, encompasses a broad spectrum of health and social services for recovering, disabled or chronically ill persons.

patient receiving care management services from CHC Services care manager

Care Management Services

A Care Manager is a trained and experienced registered nurse who assesses your condition, promotes your health and well being, and prevents complications from illness or frailty.

patient in a walker being transitioned home after a hospital stay

Hospital to Home Transition

The Hospital to Home Transition program is designed to promote a successful discharge and decrease the chance of readmission for the patient.

infant and adult receiving in home mechanical ventilation services

Ventilator Services

CHC Services specializes in providing care by registered nurses and licensed nurses in the home to someone on mechanical ventilation.

over weight person receiving bariatric services

Bariatric Care Services

CHC Services offers specialized care addressing the needs of the Bariatric client, a person who is extremely overweight.

workers receiving injury rehabilitation services

Injured Worker Rehabilitation

CHC Services specializes in expert skilled rehabilitation and home care services for individuals recovering from injuries.

temporary healthcare staffing workers provided by CHC Services

Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Temporary Healthcare Staffing Solutions designed to meet immediate and long-term needs.

Client and Program Services

CHC Services specializes in expert clinical services for seniors and individuals with special needs.

Our clients include older and disabled adults and others who have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Are alone or may be at risk for being unsafe at home
  • Have a loved one at home who is unable to handle the burden
  • Have families living far away
  • Have significantly compromised health status
  • Have a new or complex diagnosis
  • Have significantly impaired mobility
  • Have significantly impaired cognitive or behavioral skills and need support and supervision
  • Are recovering after discharge from a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation facility

Our services are designed to address the broad spectrum of needs of individuals and families who may be struggling to manage their healthcare needs, the complex healthcare system, or who want to remain at home independently, but are having challenges doing so.

Whether it is stand alone care management or a combination of care management and companion services or skilled therapy services, the clinical process we use is the same: (1) Comprehensive Assessment; (2) Care Plan Development; (3) Care Plan Implementation; and (4) Care Plan re-assessment and review until the client's goals are achieved. The following describes our clinical process:


We begin our process by conducting comprehensive assessments of clients in order to determine the individual and family’s needs. Once the initial assessment is completed and information is gathered from the client and family, the data is reviewed with our Medical Director, Administrator, and Care Manager. Some client needs may be straight forward requiring a few hours of Care Management only, or needs may be extensive, requiring 24 hour care, therapy service, and Care Management services.

Read more about our Initial Admissions Assessment Process

Care Plans

After the comprehensive assessment we develop Care Plans to meet the client's immediate needs as well as to foster greater independence and enhanced quality of life. This is accomplished through the application of care management and rehabilitation strategies. Each Care Plan identifies an individual or team of experienced healthcare professionals who works directly with the client and their families. The Care manager and team, as applicable, provide ongoing feedback to the client and family on the progress of the client based on data collected and from re-assessments.

Read more about our Comprehensive Care Plan Development and Implementation
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