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Care Management Services

A Care Manager is a trained and experienced registered nurse who assesses your condition, promotes your health and well being, and prevents complications from illness or frailty.

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The need for Care Management may relate to a new diagnosis, a chronic condition, or a disability. The Care Manager works closely with the client, family or others to meet the individual's health and human needs. It is advocacy, education, communication, coordination, and resource management while promoting quality, cost-effective interventions and outcomes. Care Management leads to improved quality of life, and desirable outcomes.

Care Management Services include:

  • Assessment: Completes a thorough in-person evaluation.
  • Advocacy/Communication: Increases access to services and treatment, including talking to physicians, physician offices and insurance companies.
  • Home Needs: Identifies and locates resources for the individual and family to address home needs, such as housekeeping, meal preparation, accessibility, transportation, overnight support and home modifications.
  • Monitoring: Oversees and monitors an individual when loved ones do not live locally.
  • Education: May include books, websites, peers, one on one consultation, support groups etc.
  • Health Promotion: Addresses factors that may enhance quality of life including stress management, smoking cessation, diet, exercise, individual and family counseling, etc.
  • Benefits Management: Interprets health insurance benefits and facilitate communication with the health insurer to most effectively utilize the benefits available.

Examples of how Care Management can help:

  • Healthcare Navigation: Care Managers assist individuals and/or families with a new or existing diagnosis such as cancer, MS, ALS or others to be educated, confident, and thorough in their treatment decisions as well as enable them to manage their health and lives to reach their optimum level of wellness. Care Managers can help individuals and families move through the healthcare system efficiently by providing educational resources, knowledge to evaluate treatment centers, understanding the roles of specialists, diagnostic tests, and managing insurance.
  • Disability Management Care Managers can assist individuals and families to manage a disability throughout a lifetime. This may include training of caregivers, accompanying the individual to MD appointments, periodic reassessments to determine the need for skilled therapy services when a significant improvement or decline occurs, etc.
  • Support when families live far away: Care Managers can fill the role of a family member that lives far way. They can be involved to whatever level the family needs from managing caregivers and household expenses to managing healthcare needs by attending physician appointments, advocating for medication changes, etc.
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